"A while back, I had a chance encounter with Fred at the book exchange in Pete's Camp. We exchanged greetings.  He asked me how I was doing. This simple exchange started a journey for me.  I told Fred I was doing well except for a constant pain in my right heel that had bothered me for about two years.  At times it hurt so much I could hardly walk.

"Fred asked if I would like to try an experiment with the pain. I agreed. He asked me to go to the pain with my mind to where it lived in my body.  I went to the pain. Fred asked me to tell him what I saw when I was there, to describe the picture that I saw in my mind. I said that I saw a red and yellow color throughout my foot. He asked what the red and yellow were made of, what shape they were, and how big. He asked where I was in relation to the picture and what I wanted to do with the red and yellow material. As he asked these questions, the color changed to a soft blue green. The image was of a soft soothing cushion.

"Although I was skeptical, as the picture of the blue green cushion formed, to my surprise the pain receded. Since that chance meeting I find that miraculously the pain in my heel is no more. I have also been able to use this process on my own with pain in my left knee.

Thank you Fred for introducing me to this never ending journey to heal myself.

Robert Ramirez, Pete's Camp, San Felipe, BCN, Mexico

"Dream Reentry Healing is a uniquely powerful way to uncover unconscious traumas and patterns of behavior and rework them in the language of the mind and body."  Iver Juster, M.D.

"Fred's work is extraordinary, powerful and deep. He has consistently guided me to the origin of deep core issues, while empowering a healing resolution at these levels. It's truly transformational work -- shamanic level work. It goes much deeper than interpretive work and is broader than dreamwork as I have known it." 

Family therapist, Berkeley, CA

"A half hour dream reentry with you is like years of therapy. You helped me and others find out things about ourselves we might never have known. You helped us better understand ourselves and deal with life's problems." 

Special education teacher, San Francisco, CA

"Fred's work is life-enhancing. I feel more connected to my life and to people in the group. He has many approaches that always bring fresh insight through the images and he is good at making connections between one part of the dreamer and another. His sympathy and understanding makes the dreamer feel comfortable."

Therapist, Berkeley, CA

"Your special gift was restoring a day I expected to lose to a migraine. What I find amazing is that I could open myself completely to your offer of help and that once you introduced the visualization and dialogue, the pain halted and began to recede. Only once before has a migraine halted on its own. There is no gainsaying them, yet somehow you did. So, I was able to join the tour and the performance. Many, many thanks my friend."

Alison, professional writer. Cambridge, MA.

"I've been able to recall forgotten memories, rewrite their scripts and release them from storage in my body - hence to begin to heal. I feel awakening to a circle of light and energy much more grand than I had heretofore imagined. My reentry experiences lend me support on my spiritual journey. They give me a peek at the universe."

Deborah, Hospital staff, San Francisco, CA