The following testimonial was handed to me recently.

"A while back, I had a chance encounter with Fred at the book exchange in Pete's Camp.  We exchanged greetings.  He asked me how I was doing.  This simple exchange started a journey for me. I told Fred I was doing well except for a constant pain in my heel that had bothered me for about two years. At times it hurt so much I could hardly walk.

"Fred asked if I would like to try an experiment with the pain. I agreed. He asked me to go to the pain with my mind to where it lived in my body.  I went to the pain. Fred asked me to tell him what I saw in my mind.  I said I saw a red and yellow color throughout my foot. He asked me what the red and yellow were made of, what shape they werre, and how big. He asked where I was in the picture and what I wanted to do with the red and yellow material. As he asked these questions, the color turned to a soft blue green.  The image was of a soft soothing cushion.

"Although I was skeptical, as the picture of the blue green cushion formed, to my surprise, the pain receded. Since that chance meeting I find that miraculously the pain in my heel is no more. I have also been able to use the process, on my own, with pain in my other knee, for example.

Thank you Fred for introducing me to this never ending journey to heal myself.

Roberto Ramirez
Pete's Camp
San Felipe, BCN, Mexico