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Inner Image Healing - Successful Headache intervention

Posted by Fred Olsen on Tuesday, September 22, 2015,
My cleaning lady had a splitting headache in the afternoon.  I invited her to try an experiment on the pain using my meager Spanish and her fragmented English.

Donde vivre el dolor?  After a few translation attempts, she went to the pain in her head in her mind and saw a rectangular tube.  It extended out from her head to the left and right.

Quieres hacer ... what do you want to do with the tube?

Get rid of it.

What happens when you do?

After a few seconds of concentration, she looked up in surpri...
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Site update

Posted by Fred Olsen on Tuesday, September 22, 2015,
Yesterday, Ann Stoval, my web consultant helped make new improvements to the site.  Tomorrow, she moves back to the states.  Have a wonderful successful transition Ann.

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About Me

I relocated to San Felipe in June, 2014. I purchased a lovely house in Paraiso, Pete's Camp north of San Felipe in November 2014. I continue to travel in the United States for lectures, workshops, and training programs as requested